211011 Toilet Wall Mounted BULL 53*36 cm

Toilet Wall Mounted Milano Bull

Reference: 211011

  • No Rim, wash down model, with hidden fixing
  • Sanitary ceramics with special colorful surface finishing with attractive looking for a long time.
  • Size: 36 x 53 x 39 cm
  • Weight: 24 Kg

Surface: White/Cream/Coffee/Graphite/Magnesium/Ice/Sand color


Toilet Wall Mounted

Toilet Wall Mounted is creating for Small Space and make the bathroom clean. when we use Toilet Wall Mounted, the ability to design and cleaning more will be happen. Most of the people prefer to use Toilet Wall Mounted in Colorful concept in order to have beautiful and easy to use Toilets in their bathroom. Saniterra create the Colorful concept for making colorful bathroom with Toilet and other accessories.
  • Rimless
  • Flushing system: Wash down
  • Installation type: Wall-hung
  • Outlet type: Horizontal

Suitable Products

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