About us

SANITERRA INTERNATIONAL LDA, was established in Porto, Portugal.

Our philosophy is aimed at satisfying the needs of every type of customer, for this reason the company has always focused its stylistic and technological research towards a quality product that can generate a strong appeal in every nuance. Our inherent drive to innovate within our team allows us to work with the best designers, engineers, chemists, and business professionals.


Saniterra®️ is committed to producing products with the highest level of care and attention to detail. Our collections are created through a combination of traditional ceramic craftsmanship and modern technology, leading to a harmonious production process.


Saniterra®️ was founded in Porto, located in northern Portugal, one of the greatest and an internationally renowned center for product design. This is the birthplace of the acclaimed tradition of sanitaryware craftsmanship and the development of technologically advanced and vibrant bathroom products.

At Saniterra®, we are committed to strict standards of quality, design, and durability. Our outsourced production strategy has been highly successful in producing functional, reliable, and timeless sanitaryware that satisfies the needs and desires of even the most demanding customers.

Architects and designers worldwide choose Saniterra® due to its innovative and smooth features, its slim and transparent design, its ease of maintenance and sturdiness, as well as its functional properties.

Regarding the activities we have been developing in the sanitaryware industry, Saniterra® focuses on creating an oasis where one can take care of themselves in many ways: washing, bathing, cleaning, grooming and many more. We create products for a space where we can maintain our cleanliness, practice proper hygiene, and ultimately, refresh and rejuvenate ourselves.

We are a provider of bathroom sanitary business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to multinational clients. We strive to create value for our customers with exceptional quality at an extremely affordable price that is also suitable for special construction projects and building developers.

Our headquarters in Porto house the marketing and sales management department, the production of our bathtubs, bathroom accessories, mixers, taps and product customization activities. The sanitary, washbasins and toilets operations are located in Fabrica di Roma.

Product collections that are made in Italy and Portugal is one of our greatest prides as a brand.