Illustrated Rules of Good Bathroom Design

Guideline 2: Door Interference

Recommendation: No entry or fixture door should interfere with another door or drawer and/or the safe use of the fixtures or cabinets.
Building Code Requirement: No International Residential Code requirements.


  1.  The entry door should not interfere with a shower door or any cabinet door or drawer.
  2. The entry door should not not interfere with a person using any bathroom fixture or appliance. We commonly find entry and shower doors arranged so they will strike anyone standing in front of the vanity or sink or sitting on the toilet.
  3. In remodeling bathrooms, especially small baths where space is at a premium, the entry door should, if at all possible, swing out, not in. This now only eliminates door interference within the bathroom, but for small baths, adds useful space inside the bathroom that was formerly taken up by the door swing.